Final Project for Analog Type

The last project for this year’s graduate seminar is designing a series of three posters. Purpose for the posters could be informative, educational, political, social or decorative. Posters needs to work together individually and as a group to make a graphical statement. Computer typesetting and images could be used, but the typographical focal point must be created by hand.

After giving the project some thoughts, I wanted to do something fun. I picked phrases that Dao and Dan had said in the past to use for the posters. The three I picked are quite hilarious.

“Daddy, dump fuck.”

While we were driving one day, Dan said to me real loud, “Daddy, dump fuck.” I was shocked so I asked him, “What did you just call me?” He replied, “Dump fuck” and pointed me to the dump truck. My execution was to take pictures of the dump truck toys and used Photoshop to place the toys together by hand to form the word “Fuck.”

“Daddy, I am allergic to your singing.”

We were driving home from daycare and I hit a pretty terrible falsetto just to tease him and he gave such an idiosyncratic respond: “Daddy, I am allergic to your singing.” My execute was to draw musical notes in Illustrator and place them together by hand to form the word “singing.”

“Daddy look, it’s my tadpole.”

I still can’t figure out where Dan got the association from. I was about to give him a bath. As I put the water in the bathtub and put him in, he said to me, “Daddy look, it’s my tadpole.” Then he grabbed his penis. I asked him again, “Your what?” He replied, “Tadpole.” I laughed my ass off in silent.

This seminar has been fun. Creating analog type was much more pleasure than I thought. Special thanks to my wife for assisting me on a few pieces. She’s much more craftier than I am and she is so good at mounting.