Video Résumé

For my video résumé, a graduate project in my class on professional design practices, I knew from the start that I would not appear in front of the camera talking about my résumé or my work. I took the professor’s advice to create something that I am passionate about to give potential employer my personality. My passion is for web design and typography; therefore, I created a short typographic motion to show why I love the web and why now’s the time for an exciting transformation to be a web designer. I used FreightSans, a strong, bold sans-serif typeface, to tie the video into my personal brand.

For the musical score, I sampled a clip from Charlie Parker’s “Now’s the Time.” The tune was written in the mid 40s when jazz was dominated by white swing band including Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Jimmy Dorsey. Parker wanted to take jazz back to Black American; therefore, he and Dizzy Gillespie started the bebop moment. Bebop required virtuosity and the ability to play furious speed. “Now’s the Time” is one of the pieces that marked the transformation from jazz dance club to the street. I wanted to use that transformational vibe to show “Now’s the Time” to be a web designer as typography is making its into the web.