Web Sites That Focus On Readability

I am gathering sites that put the emphasis on reading experience. If you have any suggestion, please send them my way. Here are a few I have collected:

A List Apart

With its latest redesign, A List Apart dropped the sidebar and focused on the contents. The pairing of Franklin ITC Pro and Georgia Pro makes the reading experience so damn pleasurable. Unlike most sites with long articles, A List Apart is to be read on its own domain rather than through an RSS reader or Instapaper.


Oliver Reichenstein doesn’t write often, but his articles are must-read when he does. “Learning to See” is one of my favorite reads on design. Furthermore, the blog section is crisp and beautiful with its own iABC typeface.

Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton’s blog is set in sensational slab serif Sentinel. The line-length and the leading are perfect for reading pleasure.


In addition to good contents, Medium puts emphasize on readability. The paring of JAF Bernini Sans and Freight Text Pro makes Medium a fantastic place to read on any device.

Rand in Repose

The pairing of Sentinel and Ideal Sans makes Michael Lopp’s blog gorgeous, legible and readable.

Stuff & Nonsense

Despite its closed aperture, slab serif Jubilat looks surprisingly good as body texts, especially at a very thin weight. Other than the line-length, which is a bit too long at full screen, the site looks delightful.

The Great Discontent

Get past the striking photos and you’ll get to read inspiring interviews of artists and designers from various creative industries. I am not too crazy about the thin Stratum as heading, but FF Meta Serif as body text isn’t so bad.

Trent Walton

This is one of my favorite art-directed blogs. Even though each post has a unique look and feel, the body text is anchored in FF Meta Serif Web Pro.