Typographic Resources

A short list of typographic resources. If you have suggestion, hit me up.

Butterick’s Practical Typography

Read this book if you haven’t. If you want more, check out my 10 Recommended Books on Typography.

Copy Paste Characters

Useful when you need to copy and paste quick HTML codes for a certain characters.

Five Simple Steps to Better Typography

Mark Boulton’s tips on measure, punctuation, ligatures, size and weight.

Modular Scale

Developed by my good friend Tim Brown, modular scale is a great tools for making harmonic headings.


I use PXtoEm all the time to do calculations for responsive type and layout.

Smart Quotes for Smart People

Jason Santa Maria’s one-page guide to use smart quotes.


This little guide has useful keyboard shortcuts for things like quotes, apostrophes and dashes.

Upping Your Type Game

Jessica Hische’s detailed post on typography.