Unitea is a fictitious tea company I developed for the final project of my graduate design seminar. The goal was to build a brand with a unique story. The concept behind Unitea is the playoff on the word “unity.” When we gather around drinking tea, we unite. Tea brings people together. In Vietnamese tradition, a marriage between two individual is started with tea. I can still recall the day I served tea to my in-laws to ask them permission to married their daughter.

The story of Unitea is that we’re passionate about pure, organic tea and the inspiration for the company came from our grandfather whose expertise taught us the art of growing and drinking tea. He used tea to serve, connect and unite his community and we want to take that approach in a much larger scale.

For the project, I designed a clean, classy logo using Baskerville typeface with the three leaves on the dot of the letter “i” to signify unity. To build a unique story about our brand, I developed a campaign web site to inform our customers the things that we care most about. The intention of the web site is to highlight the five core principles of our brand: clarity, connectivity, community, charity and creativity. I called them “The Five C’s of Unitea.”

One of the most challenging parts of the project has to be coming up with the writing for each individual component. I had to do quite a bit of research. Even though I am not a great writer, I enjoyed the writing process as much as the design process. Unitea is one of those class projects that turn into a portfolio showcase.