My New Goal

My branding class got canceled today. The professor had an unexpected business trip and had to be out of town. Part of me was happy because I could use the time to spend with the kids, but the other part of me was kind of missed it. I was looking forward to getting feedback on the final logo for my project.

Even though I started the graduate program in fall 2012, I was not into it until this semester. My whole goal had been to just get the paper. I worked hard, but my heart was never quite into it. The previous two semesters were quite stressful for me. I gave up the time with my family and the time to freelance to make extra money for schooling. I was also under anxiety and fear because I was clueless about graphic design and I was not sure what the program could do for me. I whined to my wife quite a bit. Although she is getting sick and tire of hearing me, she is still very supportive. Obviously I couldn’t do this without her support. I can’t thank her enough for that.

This semester things have changed for me. I put a lot of thoughts into the projects making sure that I would do something I feel passionate about. Although I am still in it for the paper, my attitude have changed. I am in it to learn. The professors are fantastic and I am really liking the classmates that I have met so far. We’re helping out each other and pushing each other forward. I could not make it through the advanced typography class in the first semester without the help of my classmates. I had no idea how to mount a poster and I had no idea how print worked.

As a part-time student, I still have a long way to go, but I no longer worried. If I can make it through the end, that’s great. If not, I am still learning so much without spending a dime. I have nothing to lose. As long as I could stay humble, keep my ego down and my mouth shut, I’ll go as far as I can and I’ll work as hard as I can. That’s my new goal.

Bonjour Vietnam