The Jazz Board Game Rules

Players: 2-6
Age: 12+ years


Game Board
100 Question Cards
50 Music Samples
6 Movers
1 Dice


Answer questions about jazz to advance along the board. Player who reaches the final destination first wins.

Set Up

Each player selects a mover and sets it on the board’s start space.


There are four sets of cards. Each set has its own color and category.

  • Album: Questions related to jazz albums
  • Artist: Questions related to jazz artists
  • Style: Questions related to jazz styles
  • Terminology: Questions related to jazz terms


A jazz application that plays 10-second sample of a jazz tune. A smartphone or a computer with internet connection is required to access the application.


The path is made up of spaces with the same colors as the cards with the exception of black and audio color. For the black space, the player gets to choose which question he wants to answer.

How to Play

Each player rolls the dice to determine who goes first. The highest roller starts. The first player rolls the dice and moves according to the number on the dice. The color of the space he lands on determines the question he would be asked. If the player provides the correct answer, he gets to roll the dice again and advanced until he misses the question.


If one player lands on the same space as another player, he has two choices to make.

  1. He could answer the question himself. If he answers the question correctly, he gets to advance and the other player gets sent back to the beginning. If he misses the answer, he gets sent back to the beginning.
  2. He could challenge the other player to answer the question. If the other player answers the question correctly, he is safe and the challenger gets sent back. If the other player answers the wrong question, he gets sent back and the other player stays.


For each audio challenge, each player only has to answer either the artist or the title of the tune. Once he answered the first part correctly he could answer the second part for a bonus point. If he answers the bonus point correctly he gets to advanced one space. If he misses the answer, he moves back one space.

To Win

A player must land exactly on the last red space. Once he is on the last red space, he must answer both parts (the title and the artist) of the audio challenge correctly to win.

Once the player reaches near the winning zone, he must roll the dice until he lands exactly on the last red space. Even if he couldn’t land exactly on the last red space, he could still answer the question related to his current space and roll again. If the player in the last red space gets the question wrong, he stays there and play continues as it is a normal turn.