Security Challange

My lovely wife wears many hats. In addition to taking care of me and my boys, she’s my only usability tester and browser checker. Every time I make some front-end updates to this site, I would call her up to ask how is my site looking on her IE8.

For the past few weeks, she said that the homepage banner doesn’t show up on IE8, which is intentional if I am using an SVG banner. A few days ago, she called me and said, “Is your site hacked? I keep getting the CAPTCHA box.” I then realized that I set the security on CloudFlare really high. As a result, if CloudFlare thinks you’re a spam, it will ask you to fill out CAPTCHA.

I went back into CloudFlare today and turned down the security setting down a bit. You still need to fill out CAPTCHA, but it won’t expire for a month. I apologize if it is causing you any inconvenience of accessing the site, but I rather be safe than sorry.