Jazz App Concept

For the second project of my Advanced Web Design class, I am going to build a simple web app that target jazz aficionados, fans or anyone who appreciates jazz music. The concept is to challenge the player to see if he could recognize a tune in ten second.

The functionality is straightforward. A player taps on the clip to play the music than guesses the name of the tune and who played it. Then he could tap on the answer button to check if his guess is correct. To play another tune, he simply taps on the button that would load up another clip. The game could also be played more than one player. Everyone can make his own guess.

Even though the class project only required a prototype, I am going to build out the app using jQuery Mobile framework. To make the app fun and easy to use, I am keep the interface very simple. There will only be three components: the audio clip, an answer button and a reload button. The audio clips will be loaded randomly; therefore; I would need a simple PHP script and text file to store the data. Another approach would be to use WordPress as a backend management, but that might be unnecessary for the purpose of this project. I am, however, considering developing this concept further and making it into an app that could be placed on Apple or Android app store.

As for the name, I am calling it “Jazzapp.”