Getting My Sass On

I started learning Sass a while back but it never caught on. Not that the process is intimidating, but over the years I have developed a practice of keeping my CSS as simplified as possible. I wanted to see everything on one page and combine or eliminate repeated elements as much as I could.

I could continue to work with straight CSS, but Sass is gaining so much ground in the CSS pre-processor world that it is hard to ignore. Even Dan Cederholm is converted and I was going to wait for his book, Sass for Web Designers, to pick up Sass again, but I just wanted to dive in again.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours converting this site CSS into SCSS. Panic 2’s native support with color code makes working in Sass easy. The set up through command line is a breeze. Import is a very handy feature to keep SCSS clean. It helps me make updates to the latest version of HTML5 Boilerplate. I still have much more to learn in Sass, but I am now converted as well.