Ideas for E-Learning Project

Responsive Web Design

With the rapid increase of new mobile devices hitting the market, responsive web design is here to stay. While responsive architecture is not the best solution for every project, it is one of the most reliable practices that meets the COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) model.

Responsive design is a great skill set, if not required, to acquired for designers; therefore, I would like to propose making an e-learning course, for our advanced web design project, to teach the fundamental concepts through three core principles:

  1. A flexible, grid-based layout
  2. Flexible images and media
  3. Media queries

Web Accessibility

For web designers, making our web sites accessible is as important as creating beautiful visual design. All web sites should meet the Web Accessibility Standards specified in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Web accessibility is a must-have knowledge for every web designers and developers; therefore, I would like to propose making an e-learning course on accessibility focusing on the implementation of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) Landmark Roles such as banner, complementary, contentinfo, form, main, navigation and search.