Real World Design

In the second half of the graduate seminar class, we ditched the textbook and picked up a real design project. Between myself and three other graduate students, we decided on making a marketing campaign to promote the MA & MFA degree at George Mason School of Art. Right now the school has one MFA and four MA students.

After many brainstorm sessions, we came up with a tagline: “Real World Design.” Here is the message we want to send out to potential students:

Here at Mason, our design programs are taught by and for real world professionals. People who eat, drink and live this stuff. From websites to environmental graphics to ad campaigns seen by millions, a Mason MA or MFA in Design means your portfolio will be filled with real world work. Because it’s not just a design degree. It’s your profession.

Once we had that down, we agreed that featuring recent graduate students would be the best strategy. So we picked out two students and created our campaign around them. After we came up with the branding (look and feel, typography and images), we split up the work. One student created the posters. One created the brochure. One created an email postcard. I was responsible for the landing page.

We presented the project to the dean of the School of Art and she immediately wanted to use the materials to promote the graduate program. I am so glad that we got to do a real world design project in our class. So if you’re a graphic design and looking to get a master, join us!