Design Criticism That Isn’t Helping

The new CSS-Tricks is laced with negative feedback. One commenter went as far as, “I hate this new version. It makes me sick. v9 was way much better.” Many commenters have the audacity to demand bringing back the previous version. These kinds of trolls don’t make me miss closing down comment on this site at all.

CSS-Tricks isn’t the only one that gets these kinds of nastiness. Earlier this year George Mason relaunched its new homepage and people went as far as creating a petition to “Revert to the previous design.” While I had nothing to do with the GMU homepage, I redesigned the George Mason Law web site around the same time. Fortunately most comments were positive, but there was one that wanted to revert back to the previous design.

Rather than providing constructive criticisms on how to improve the new design, people want to go back to what they are used to seeing. That kind of design criticism isn’t helping at all.