Loving Illustrator

In my web work, I don’t spend too much time in Adobe Illustrator. I only used Illustrator when I needed simple vector graphics. In the past two weeks, I spent quite a bit of time in Illustrator for my Advanced Typography class. The first assignment is to redesign a movie poster with 90% type and 10% illustration. Even though I can’t draw to save my life, I love working in Illustrator. The image trace feature is god-sent. The type looks so much better in Illustrator than Photoshop. By the way, I am now rocking with CS6. Although I haven’t discovered anything new, I just like it, especially Illustrator. I am now more comfortable with Illustrator and I can see why designers love it so much.

The next assignment will be designing a restaurant menu. I am going to use that opportunity to get comfortable with InDesign. In my experience, I learn much quicker when I have a real project to work on. For example, I read so much about MODX, but I learned so much more by using it on a real project. I hope to reveal it soon once my client gets moving.