Partnering With a Content Strategist

In the initial meeting with my client for a freelance project I having been working on for five months, I knew immediately that he needs a content strategist and I knew exactly who to recommend right on the spot. She’s a fantastic writer who I had the pleasure of working closely with at GW School of Business. Although we both moved on, I knew someday we would work together again and here we are.

We both worked together to plan out the the sitemap and the content of the site and presented to the client. Once we got the approval she worked directly with the client to get the contents while I concentrate on the design and the content management system. I show her my design for feedback and she provided me contents to plug in before we let the client see the site coming together. Because she’s a great writer, she makes the content sounded informative and very engaging. The only thing that I had to work with her on is trimming down the blurbs. On the web, less is more.

Other than that, she’s doing an outstanding job of getting the contents from the client. As a designer, content has always been the most important part of the project for me because content drives my design, but I am actually happier to let someone else taking on that roll. From now on, I will pitch for a content strategist with all new projects.