Creative Freedom Takes No Shortcut

In choosing a CMS for a client project, I was debating between WordPress and MODX. These two systems could do what I need for the site; therefore, my selection was based on flexibility (for me to develop) and usability (for the client to maintain).

WordPress would have been an easier choice since I have worked with the system for quite a while. WordPress would have taken less time to implement because I could use a starter theme and run with it. WordPress’s admin interface is very easy to use. It would take me less time train the client to use the system. The most impressive part about WordPress yet is the ability to upgrade the system with just one click. Client won’t need me to do anything in the future.

MODX Revolution, on the other hand, would be a bit of a challenge for me. I have not implemented a site from scratch with MODX; therefore, it would take me much more time to develop. In addition, MODX has no existing template to get me running. Everything has to be built from scratch and the biggest advantage of this is that I can create the site exactly the way I wanted. There’s no shortcut to get me started, but the end result would be quite satisfying for someone who likes clean codes and semantic markups. One can argue that you can start WordPress from scratch as well, but getting all the functionalities back in takes much more time. As a CMS, MODX’s template variable allows me to create any piece of content anywhere on the site. Now that’s truly flexible. In contrast to WordPress, MODX’s manager is not as easy for client to use. Training will be required. Upgrading the system would require my involvement.

After careful consideration and discussion with my client, we decided to go with MODX. It is a perfect opportunity for me to learn the system. With the reference of Bob Ray’s MODX: The Official Guide and online documentations, I am quite impressed with MODX Revolution. Its power allows me to create a dynamic, CMS-driven web site just the way I wanted no more no less.

I’ll share the site once we launch it. Stay tuned!