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The “sites” section is the most important part of Visualgui in showcasing work to potential clients. I like to keep it just to one page so client can see example of my projects without having to click around. The problem is that the screenshots are huge and the number of projects keep on growing. The two biggest issues are scrolling and loading. So I spent the last few nights researching and figuring out the best solution to solve the problem.

I experimented with two methods: lazy load and infinite scroll. I really like the method of lazy load because I can still keep everything on one page and only load up images the user see. Unfortunately, lazy load is not working the way it should. In Safari, the images are being loaded even though they don’t show up until users get to them.

Infinite scroll, on the other hand, requires breaking down several pages, which I don’t mind much. The biggest drawback is the break of the back button. Once user clicks on a link, they cannot go back to where they were on. The loading of further down contents seems to be very disorienting.

After getting them to work, I was not pleased with the end result; therefore, I didn’t use neither one. I went back to the basic approach of adding a second page. So the first page shows the last 10 projects and the second page shows all of the older projects. So that’s the temporary solution until I could find a better approach.

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