House Improvement Update

The beautiful weekend has just flown by and I am exhausted from working on the house. We made some progress and I feel less stressed. Last week I was worrying that we won’t get to finish the house before the little guy sees the light. I was talking to a colleague of mine and she gave me the best advice: “Just work on the part were you can move in and continue later on.” If we don’t have enough time, I can still work on the basement later. Why didn’t I think of that?

Again, my sister-in-law and her husband had given us their unconditional support. We are very fortunate to have them around and we can’t thank them enough. Unlike me, my sister-in-law’s husband is a very skillful handyman. He could do pretty much anything around the house, yet he is so humble about it. My father, too, is very good at fixing around the house and he, too, is worrying about us not getting the house ready before his first grandchild comes out. He offers to help us next weekend since he will be off for President Day. I guess that’s family is for.

This weekend we had an electrician came in to hook up some lights for us. We originally was going to hired a friend of a friend, but he charged three times more than this guy who is recommended to us through our real estate agent. He has done a great job at an economical price. He put up all the lights we requested with minimal cut through dry walls and ceilings.

When he was up in the attic, he discovered lots of flies. Why would an attic have lots of flies? Does anyone know? Obviously it’s not a good thing. Could it be that the roof was left opened? We had the roof patched up but the problem already exist? Please let me know if you know any treatment. When he left the door open, the flies got into the bedrooms and these flies aren’t so active. I could just suck them up with a vacuum tube. Even with the loud noise, they couldn’t fly away.