New House Comes New Work

Old house comes with tons of work is more like it. Going into a foreclosure we knew that we would need to do some fixings. The problem is I am clueless when it comes to home improvement. My dad and his side of family in Viet Nam are all in the construction business, yet I am the only exception. I have been renting all my life up to this point.

Friday will be the official day that I’ll own a house and will take the advantage of the long week, including Martin Luther King on Monday and Inauguration day on Tuesday, to try to fix the place like reversing the hot-and-cold faucet in master bathroom and change a gasket in the toilet tank to stop the water leaking. That’s right, even when Barack Obama moves into the White House, I’ll be working on my house.

My man HmL will swing by on Saturday to take a look at the landscaping and give us suggestions on how to prevent the soil compaction and erosion around the house. A friend will always drop by to check out the heat pump unit. That thing looks old and quite dusty. The only real concern we have is the roof. Several shingles were damaged from the tree branches and a small leak from inside the attic. The previous owner attached the Satellite Dish on the roof and left the holes open after he removed it. So if you know any roofer who could take on a small repairing in Virginia, please holler at me. We also need an electrician if you know anyone.

Other than that we just need to repaint and move in. I can’t wait.