Chris Rock – Kill the Messenger

I don’t have HBO, but my sister-in-law does; therefore, my wife and I paid her a visit to watch Chris Rock’s Kill the Messenger. Although I was laughing my ass off, I felt kind of embarrass watching it with my sister-in-law and her husband. Rock has been vulgar, but I didn’t expect him to go all out like that.

His sex jokes turned into pornography. I tried hard not to laugh at punch lines like “Pussy is like visa. It accepts everywhere,” or “if he comes, it doesn’t mean that you made him come.” I guess you have to be with a different crowd to enjoy it. Luckily, my wife was reading her book.

Having been a fan of Chris Rock since Bring the Pain, I had an idea of his topics: racism, “nigger,” black vs. white relationships and, of course, politics. I was waiting for some hard blows on McCain, but he only mocked his age, like McCain wants to talk about the future when he “ain’t gonna be there.” The people who know Obama will be under investigation, but the people who know McCain get off easy (“all his friends are dead.”)

This election has brought up some racial issues. For instance, the myth is that black people vote for Obama because he’s black. Rock clarified, “We vote for him not because he’s black. We vote for him because he’s black and qualified.” He hit it right on the spot.

After all these years, Bush remains Rock’s favorite target. He called him “worse president of president.” Rock’s knock out punch is when he responded to the question on the mind of most people. Is America ready for a black president? His answer: “We should be. We just had a retarded one.” Can’t agree more.