Black Snake Moan

If nothing else, Christina Ricci is the reason to watch Craig Brewer’s Black Snake Moan. She’s hot, wild and eighty-five percent naked throughout the film. Ricci’s character, Rae, struggles with some kind of sex spell that would lead her to jump on any dicks available when her boyfriend Ronnie (not bad performance from Justin Timberlake) isn’t around. Of course, how could any man resist a sex fiend with body like her?

Thank goodness for Lazarus (plays by the incredible Samuel L. Jackson) who is the only exception. Even when Rae tries to hop on him, he runs off with the Bible in his hand. To rescue Rae from her uncontrollable sexual craves, Lazarus chains her to a radiator in his house. Rae’s still “off the chain” even when she’s on the chain. He feeds her, baths her, and sings her the blues (Jackson has that gruff old voice that is perfect for that soulful country blues), but never touches her. Through their own dramas, the two develop a mutual respect for each other like father and daughter.

Even though the heart of Black Snake Moan is an inspiring story, the film pushes race straight in your face. “Nigger’s whore” is what Ronnie calls Rae when he busts into Lazarus house. But then again, Jackson’s role has shifted from A Time to Kill to a time to heal, and he is convincing on both counts.