Don’t Give a Fuck

Caught Wanda Sykes’s Sick and Tired on HBO the other night, and she cracks me the hell up. Lesser profanity and lighter-handed on racism than Chris Rock, but she is on point with her comic reliefs as a stand-up comedian, especially on her sarcastic references. For example, check out a clip of “Men Aren’t Dog.” Further on men, she wishes that she could rip our eyeballs out and shove them up our butt to let us see for ourselves what an asshole we are. I have to give that one to her, but her view on “getting old” that still stuck in my mind. As we’re aging, we just “don’t give a fuck.” And “‘I don’t give a fuck’ just flies out of my mouth,” she continues, “Even if I don’t say it, I think about it.” As for her presentational skill, she is calm, cool, and effortless throughout the show. I’ll definitely looking forward for more of her work.