The Departed

It’s about time Martin Scorsese takes us back to the mean street. The Departed, a remake of Hong-Kong Infernal Affairs, is bloody enjoyable. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were giving their fine performances as lead roles; Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin were superb as supporters. Jack Nicholson is my man, but when it comes to gangster’s boss, I have to go with Robert De Niro. Nicholson has his versatility and beastivity (The Shining), but he’s too much of a lovable man to play a top-dog character. The man’s facial expression, however, is still on the money, especially when he imitates the rat. With top-notch acting, brain-blowing glory, and foul-mouthing language, Scorsese has created an entertaining gangsta shit since Goodfellas.