V for Vendetta

Like I haven’t had enough of politic on my own works already. I wanted to see V for Vendetta for some mind-blowing special effects or something along the line of Sin City’s comic style, yet I am in for another political treat.

The whole time, I kept guessing that the director, James McTeigue, is using the technique of covering up the main character with a mask, and eventually revealing his face in the end. But that is not the case; V is a Phantom-of-the-Opera terrorist from start to finish. V is not just a dangerous terrorist but also a powerful killer without having to use guns, and he’s a hero. Since when does a terrorist is considered to be a hero? At the end of the film, people worship him by dressing in black and wear his mask marching down the street. For a minute, I thought I was watching Eminem’s “Mosh” video.

Politic has definitely killed the film, and the computer-generated animation from Wachowski’s brothers was also disappointing—nothing new, same old shtick. So after watching the film, I feel that V is more appropriate for Venti Latte then Vendetta. The English accents combined with the diplomatic talks were given me a hard time staying awake.