Nguoi Da Ba Yeu Duoi (A Weak Woman)

Similar to many Hong Kong TV series, Nguoi Da Ba Yeu Duoi starts off smoothly for the first few chapters, then begins to drag the whole way through. Until the director, Minh Duc Liem, realizes the film has been running way too long, he decided to wrap up quickly on the last chapter.

Not only the production is sloppy, the writing is way off the track. The main character, Ngoc played by Tran Kim Ngan, is so unreal. She is so strong in the beginning, but becomes weaker and weaker as the film proceeds. Her performance is not persuasive at all.

Mrs. Loi (Minh Duc), who takes Ngoc in to be her daughter, is horrible. I want to slap some fairness judgments out of her. Instead of controlling her own kids, she allows them to abuse Ngoc then expresses her apology for what her kids did. When she dies, I feel glad rather than sorry, and she is supposed to be a nice character.

In contrast, Tieu Phung plays a wonderful job as Loc, a wicked daughter, wife, and sister. She only cares about herself. The ways she abuses Ngoc makes me want to smack her; however, she is likable because of her attractive appearance. Speaking of beautiful, Vo Ngoc Ha and Kim Khanh add some pretty faces to the film but their supporting roles aren’t standing out.

If Tieu Phung were not in the series, I would not finish watching the whole thing. She has dominated the film even though she is only a supporting actress. The timing, the writing, and most of the performers are not strong enough to hold up the series.