The Polar Express & The Incredibles

Two compelling computer generated motion pictures are running neck-to-neck at the box office. Fortunately each targets a slightly different audience. While The Polar Express is pure fantasy, The Incredibles contains a bit of real life situation.

I am feeling the spirit of Christmas already from watching The Polar Express. Not only the high-end computer animation blows me away but Tom Hanks also has done a marvelous job of providing the voices to the characters. As the train takes the kids to the South Pole, The Polar Express takes viewers on a magical roller coaster with its astonishing digital effects. The best part is when the ticket flows off the train, travels around the striking visual sceneries, and makes its way back into the train. The whole process is imaginative. The hot chocolate serving scene, where the waiters dancing, singing, and pouring the drinks, is both creative and fun.

I should have taken Samantha to watch The Polar Express instead of The Incredibles. She could not sit still for two hours even I provided her popcorns and drink. She went from sitting on her own seat to lying down on my lap. It doesn’t mean that The Incredibles is not incredible. It aims more toward older kids and adults. Of course, Pixel’s CG animation is nothing less than superior. On top of the mind-boggling action packed scenes, the terrific writing is what holds the film together. Every family has its own problem and the superhero is no exception. In the beginning the superhero kids (Dash and Violet) are fussing with each other but when trouble comes, they unite and help one another. With the family’s special superpower combined, they conquered their most dangerous enemy (the robot). Pixar studios have once again pushed their work to the limit with this film.

Both movies are highly recommended for family entertainment but if you have any five years old or under, you might not get to enjoy The Incredibles much. I had to make three trips during the movie to buy popcorn, buy drink, and take Samantha to the restroom. Still glad that I get to spent time with her, my adorable Sammy. Felt badly that I couldn’t take little Eric along. He was standing at the glass window watching us leave.