Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Wow! Asian dude finally kisses a gorgeous girl and gets some sexual attentions on the big screen. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is the door opening for Asian American actors to Hollywood. John Cho and Kal Penn had demonstrated their ability to play the roles of getting stoned as believable as Method Man and Redman without having to act hardcore.

I am not a big fan of teenage comedy films because of some over exaggerated silly jokes and this one is no exception; however, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle has touched lightly upon some serious issues about race in America. The White guys pick on the Asian guys; the racist cop harasses the minorities; the Black guy gets lock up for being Black. Even though these subjects are nothing new in Hollywood, they are interesting to see from the Asian American point of view.

Both John Cho and Kal Penn give an excellent performance. The chemistry between Cho and Penn helps holding up the comedy. The best line is when Kuma licks Harold’s face, “I have to try some gay shit to see if you wake up.” There is a funny and clever setup line by Harold, “Did Doogie Howser just steal my car?” Later on, Harold revisits the question with “Dude! Where is My Car?” which references to the director’s (Danny Leiner) first movie. Speaking of reference, there is also a citing of “Better Luck Tomorrow.”

Even though this film has some obnoxious humors such as the “Battleshits”, it has stands above most of the comedies this summer, especially teenage movies. This is also an important film for Asian Americans as we are stepping up into the big screen as lead roles without having to use Kung Fu.