Nguoi Dep Tay Do (Beautiful Girl of Tay Do)

Whenever I watch a film on Viet Nam war, the focus is never on the communist. They always hide in the shadow and I never get to understand their point of views. With Nguoi Dep Tay Do, I get to see their strategies and operations. I don’t care much about political issues, I just enjoy the acting and the undeniable beauty of Viet Trinh.

The story takes place in the 40s during the controlling of the French. The film revolves around Bach Cuc (Viet Trinh). A beautiful lady who gives up her love and sacrifices her life for her country. As an early age, Bach Cuc was married into a rich family that was arranged by her grandmother. Bach Cuc was mistreated by her in law family and abused by her husband. These horrific scenes will make your tears drop. Later, a member of the Viet Minh (communist) protected her and took her out of misery situation; therefore, she decided to join the Viet Minh. Because of her striking beauty and fluency in French, she was assigned to work undercover where she met an interpreter Hoang Thai (Don Duong who also casted in We Were Soldiers along with Mel Gibson). Together they gathered inside information from the French and provided to the Viet Minh to help setting up attacks.

Along with the cast, both Viet Trinh and Don Duong give convincing performances but the work of Le Cung Bac (director), Tram Huong (screenwriter), and Nguyen Ho (writer) cannot go unnoticed, especially the clever references to the war. Nguoi Dep Tay Do is a communist film but if you can get pass the political point of view, it is quite a moving motion picture.