Kill Bill Vol.2

Totally disappointed. I was looking for some hot action and there was more talking than fighting. Kill Bill Vol.2 focuses on the relationship between the Bride (Uma Thurman) and Bill (David Carradine). The love story between two people for 2 and half hours is a long time. This shows how much Quentin Tarantino loves his own work. The first few chapters are long and boring. He should have cut down some of those and save some time for the final fight between the Bride and Bill. The final fight is disappointing. Is Quentin Tarantino getting burned out at that point and decided to wrap up the film quickly?

The best part of the film is the action scene between the Bride and Elle (Daryl Hannah). The training scenes with master Pai Mei (Gordon Liu) are pretty hilarious. Lastly, the little girl, Bride and Bill’s daughter, is so adorable. She gives us a few laughs. Personally, I don’t like Vol. 2 as much as Vol.1 even though the storyline is more solid and the characters have some dimensions. I am all about kung-fu flick with hot beats. By the way, RZA gives wonderful scores for both volumes.