Chris Rock – Never Scared

Chris Rock definitely ain’t never scared when he rocks the stage. He speaks his mind and he surely doesn’t give a fuck as long as his audiance laughs. I wish rappers would lyrically assault Rock so I can hear him murder their ass in comedy. Rock takes shot at Jermaine, “the greasiest Nigger you have never seen. When Jermaine is on TV, I have to wipe the grease off the screen.” Rock rips Michael Jackson apart by describing how he would look after a month in jail, “When the perm grows out of his hair. The shit all nappy and gray.” He busts cap on Janet’s tittie, “40 years old tittie, your man’s tittie. 20 years old tittie, community’s tittie.” And of course he takes on R. Kelly, Kobe Bryant and many more.

Rock is just way too hilarious. His point of view on relationship hits straight on the mark even though it is biased toward women. The focus is always on her and he is absolutely right. Once you’re married, kiss all your dreams good-bye and “make the bitch happy.” Good relationship is simply eating and fucking. The longer you’re with someone, more eating and less fucking. It’s all about married and bored or single and lonely.

If you have seen Bring the Pain and Bigger and Blacker, you can definitely recognize Rock’s patterns. His main topics include hip-hop, politics, gun and race. The United State governments hate rap music because they are clueless about rapper killers. George Bush’s answer to gay married, “Fuck them fagots.” Rock loves to pick up chicks at abortion rallies because “you know they are fucking.” White people makes gun, no problem; Black rapper said gun, congressional hearing. His view on Affirmative Action, “I don’t think I should get a job over a white person if I scored a lower mark on the test but if there’s a tie, fuck them. You have 400 years head start motherfucker.”

Chris Rock is still the funniest man in America. He’s confident and he mastered his work. He is best at what he does best. Some thinks his hardcore hip-hop stage pose gets in the way. I don’t find it annoying at all. In fact, I don’t find him to be as hard edge as Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx or other black comedians. While some thinks the black and white issue is old, I think it is still relevant today. Racism still exists in America. And if you think he is sexist, you’re dead wrong. He is just keeping it real. Chris still rocks.