21 Grams

21 Grams is a masterpiece. The acting is great. The story is compelling. Best of all, the non-linear narrative is clever and stimulating. 21 Grams starts out with series of quick shots. The shots get longer as the movie progresses. It’s a technique that requires viewers to pay close attention in order to piece together the storyline. I am wondering if the technique still effective if the movie structured in reverse order from long scenes progresses to quick shots. It would be interesting if the film comes out on DVD with two options: one theater release and one in reverse order.

21 Grams starts out with Christine (Naomi Watts) lying naked with her breast showing and Paul (Sean Penn) by her side then the camera quickly jumps to another shot. It keeps doing that for about twenty minutes to the point where I begin to get dizzy. Luckily it begins to slow down. I am wondering if the director (Alejandro Gonzalez Inarrittitu) did that on purpose? He tortures you just enough but not to the point you have to walk out of the theater. Yes! I get seasick easily.

Character wise, they all did an amazing job. Benicio Del Toro is da man. My favorite scene is where Jack and his family are having dinner. The children are fighting and the son hits the daughter on one arm. He orders his daughter to put out the other arm so his son can hit the other arm also. The poor little girl is crying and his wife got mad, “what kind of parenting is that?” something likes that. After she carries the little girl to the kitchen, he smacked the boy on the head not one but twice saying, “No hitting in this house.” That scene just stuck in my mind. For Sean Penn, this is his second best performance in one year. From a strong mobster in Mystic River to a dying math professor in 21 Grams, he has demonstrated his ability to play various roles and brings out the characters in both. As for Naomi Watts, this is my first time seeing her and she has impressed me with her acting as a depressed woman on drugs. And yes fellaz! She does have some nice nipples.

21 Grams is simply amazing. Go experience it yourself.