Something’s Gotta Give

Nancy Meyer’s Something’s Gotta Give is somewhat enjoyable because of the great performances. Of course, Jack Nicholson is as good as it gets. Diane Keaton is almost good but her crying part is simply annoying. The film starts off really good with some funny dialogues but it drifts away into long boredom. Even the good acting could not hold it. If a romantic comedy is longer than one and a half hours, I begin to look at my watch.

My favorite line is when Erica (Diane Keaton) talks about rap music. She does not like rap but Harry (Jack Nicholson) points out that rap is a form of poetry. She immediate replies, “How many words rhyme with bitch?” Not sure if that is offensive but the viewers get a kick out of it. My favorite line from Harry is, “I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth.” I am wondering if that line is from the script or Jack made it up.

Something’s Gotta Give is funny enough to enjoy after a hard day of work. Wish the storyline could be tighter. It just seems too easy when the doctor (Keanu Reeves) gives up Erica to Harry. It seems like the director tries to wrap up the movie since it’s running over two hours. It simply not convincing at all.