The Last Samurai

I did not plan to see this film because of the misconception about “a white man portray a Samurai.” When The Last Samurai hits preview, I heard some Asian folks are disappointed because Tom Cruise is casting as a Samurai. Well, I am glad I watched it and Tom Cruise is perfect for his role. As a matter of fact, he gave a wonderful performance as an American warrior, not a Samurai. The title is misleading because The Last Samurai refers to Katsumoto plays by Ken Watanabe, not Tom Cruise. Mad props go out to my man Ken Watanabe. He is the man of the film who gave an extraordinary performance as a great leader, loving father, fearless warrior, intelligent man, and true Samurai. Keep an eye on him for the best supporting actor at the Academy this year.

Although the film is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours long, the characters always keep you in tuned, especially Ken Watanabe. On top of that, the beautiful Koyuki adds some aesthetic experience to the film. She is as pretty as “Hoa Anh Dao” the exquisite Japanese pink flowers. Not sure what they called in English or Japanese. Speaking of flowers, the cinematography is luxuriant. Have to give credits to the designer, John Toll, for bringing the gorgeous scenes to life. Of course, the battle scenes are bloody violence as well.

Overall, The Last Samurai is definitely worth seeing. It’s highly entertaining with great acting, effective storyline, and emotionally captivating. Not to mention some nice comedies that break the atmosphere. Go enjoy it yourself.