Words of caution, first, if you get motion sickness easily, don’t watch Thirteen on large screen. Wait until it comes out on DVD. I had to close my eyes and left the theater a couple of times to clear out my dizziness and I could barely make it though the film. The shots are too jumpy and jerky. I know they are trying to give audiences the chaotic view but it was too much. Secondly, this is not a movie I would like my thirteen years old kid to watch.

Beside those two cautions above, Thirteen is quite disturbing but totally fascinating. Usually if a movie causes me motion sickness, I would walk out of the theater but the powerful storyline and the superlative performances of Thirteen held me back. Nikki Reed gives a flawless performance as a bad ass slut who lies, cheats, and uses her sweet talk to get what she wants. She also co-writes the magnificent screenplay. Evan Rachel Wood is stunning in her role as a straight A’s student who turns into an angry bitch. Holly Hunter is also breathtaking as a caring mother who loves her child unconditionally no matter how much the child hurts her. Despite the motion sickness of cinematography, Thirteen is simply mesmerizing with fine acting and well writing. I will definitely watch it again when it is available on DVD.