Redesigned and Recoded

The purpose for this redesign is to clean up codes, organize the layout, and most importantly, maximize accessibilities. As you can see, the JavaScript rollovers had been replaced with CSS. Although the previous version was tableless layout with XHTML structured, the coded was quite messy. Designed it back in January 2003 when I first began experimenting with CSS layouts and XHTML. Now that I have a better understanding of CSS and XHTML, I just have to recode the whole site. To accommodate screen readers, I moved the side navigation to the right so JAWS can read the contents first before reaching the side links. There is also a ‘skip navigation’ to bypass the top menu. Design wise, I still want to keep the clean and fresh look and feel. So take a look around, enjoy the new design and don’t forget to write me your feedback. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated.