Lost in Translation

Finally get to see Lost in Translation. Bill Murray is flawless in his character. I always see him as a “lazy actor” and this role is exactly that. He is in the midlife crisis and too tired to do anything. Scarlett Johansson is also great with her performance. The film is driving by the relationship between two people who have nothing in common except they are being lost in Tokyo. Their relationships eventually grow even though they both married. Unlike other Hollywood romantic comedies, they communicate with each other without sleeping together. So where does the relationship end up? Sofia Coppola, the director, cleverly let the viewers decide. At the end, where Bob and Charlotte hug goodbye in the middle of the street, he whispers in her ear but the audiences can’t hear what he is telling her.

Beside the storyline, the cinematography is gorgeous. If you think Time Square nightlife is beautiful, check out Tokyo by night. It is amazing how they use the building glass windows as a gigantic video commercial. Of course, there are funny moments in the film. Such as the Japanese hooker in the hotel orders Bob to “lip” her stocking when she actually means rip. The acting part from the Whisky commercial is quite hilarious. The only silly part was when they are at the raw meat restaurant. All you have to do is dip the meat into the hot boiling soup until the meat is cooked and juicy according to your liking. Take it out, dip it in soy sauce and eat. That’s the kind of restaurant I like but Bob said it was horrible because, “What kind of restaurant makes you cook your own food?” It just shows how narrow-minded some people are. They never appreciate exotic food and the authentic of it. Just looking at the hot boiling soup and the fresh juicy meat make my mouth watery and they just wasted it. Anyway, it’s a great movie though.