If you watch Memento on DVD, you would notice the fascinating motion graphic piece in the interface where a flipping Polaroid photograph fades away instead of develops. I was not exactly sure what happened in the movie because I was drawn into the visual design and the motion graphic throughout the film. Especially the stunning technique in the beginning where the photograph fades to white than a bullet zips out a man’s head and back into the chamber of the gun. I might have to watch the movie again to get a better understanding of the story.

Wouldn’t be neat if you can be like Leonard (Guy Pearce)? You don’t have short-term memory but you can control your memories? You don’t need to remember all the bad ones and just capture and archive all the good and memorable ones. It’ll be cool because you would do things that you would not normally do. For instance, you wouldn’t afraid of embarrassing yourself in a crowd because you wouldn’t remember that embarrassing moment anyway. Overall, Memento is a great film from clever storyline to fascinating motion graphics. As Hillman Curtis describes it, “[Memento] will give you a generous dose of adrenaline, as you take the ride on a psychological roller coaster.”

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