UAT Proposal

The UAT process is the crucial phase in the CMS implementation, especially for those who use the visual editor view of the CMS. You have to spend quite a bit of time with the CMS to get all the bugs. If we compress the process, we would need to divide up the testing.

Content editors can test to see how friendly it is to create a new page, update an existing content, add a link, import a file, upload a photo, and so on.

Design contributors can test to see how intuitive it is to create a multi-column layout page, add color buttons, create a slider, add news/spotlight page, add an event page, add color boxes, create banner/hero images, and so on.

A web content specialist and I will look into the functionalities to see if we can add custom meta tags, CSS, and JavaScripts, create inheritance for directories, test the site search and site map, put together an automated schedule page, test the anchor links, examine the listing pages, and test the faculty director and the faculty working papers, and so on.

This is just my thinking based on the different types of users in this email list. It is not meant to assign anyone into any role. Maybe we should invite others to help with the testing to speed up the process. The most important part of this testing is for people who do not know HTML to use the CMS.