Home: Allow users to browse the gallery. They can filter sketches using the explore UI. They can make their own sketch by tapping on the UI on the top-right corner.

Info: Before users can sketch, they need to fill out the info on this screen.

Start: Users can start sketching with the texts they have written in the previous screen.

Type: Let users play with type.

Sketch: Let users sketch with a simple drawing tool.

Graphic: Let users import images from the app’s library or various social networks.

Color: Let users select stroke, canvas and type colors.
The next three interfaces let users undo, redo or erase elements on the screen.

Settings: Let users change the settings such as toggling grid and guides.

Music: Let users listen to the album they are sketching.

Share: Once users are done with their sketch, they can share it to social networks.

Sample: This is an example of a finished sketch. The UI includes: author, number of views, number of comments, number of loves, gallery (takes viewers back to the home screen), print (poster-quality print), reshare on social media.